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Back office

Guides and best practices on using Preno for the back office

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Removing a Payment MethodHow to remove a payment method in Preno
Reporting in PrenoAn overview of the reports you can find within Preno (reporting figures are inclusive of sales tax)
Reporting on ExtrasReport on the Extras you've sold through Preno
Add an imported payment to a bookingAdd a payment to a booking which was made outside Preno
Rolling back a booking & voiding the invoiceRolling back a reservation, voiding the old transaction, removing the credit allocation, and voiding the invoice
Invoice Agent partial amountWorkaround: how to partially invoice an agent
Preno Account - Changing Of OwnershipWhat to do when a new owner takes over the property
Download guest dataIn Preno you can download the guest data (incl. emails) to help with marketing.