Super user starter pack

Helping you and the team get the most out of Preno

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Training Videos 🎬

Short tutorial videos to help you use Preno

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Optimise your Preno

Videos on how to maximise your Preno...more coming soon

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Configuring Preno

These are the initial steps to take when setting up your Preno account

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Front desk

Guides and best practices on using Preno for the front desk

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Back office

Guides and best practices on using Preno for the back office

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Troubleshooting error messages

This contains the error messages that may appear in Preno, and solutions for them.

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Xero integration

In-depth explanations of how the Xero integration works with Preno. This is written with accountants in mind.

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Lightspeed Kounta POS Integration

Enabling, using & correcting errors with the Kounta integration in Preno

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MYOB Integration

Articles on how to configure and use the integration to MYOB Essentials product

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Channel Manager

Preno's Channel Manager

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Help Centre articles on STAAH

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Help Centre articles on SiteMinder

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Online Travel Agencies (OTA's)

How to connect your OTA's to Preno

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Booking Engine

Preno's Booking Engine

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Customer Success

We're here to help you succeed

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Preno's Auto-Email Templates

Welcome to Preno's Auto-Email Templates collection! Within this curated resource, you'll discover customizable email templates designed to streamline your guest communication process. Whether it's booking confirmation, pre-arrival information, check-in instructions, check-out reminders, or post-stay feedback requests, we've got you covered. Every template in this collection is designed with Preno's merge tags, allowing for easy personalisation and integration.

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