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How to connect Goki to your Preno account to automate check-in and access for your property

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The Goki integration in Preno will keep your bookings updated in Goki, so that you are able to automate check-in and access at your property. All you need are the Goki smartlocks, and a Goki account.

What will the integration do?

Keyless access:

  • When a booking is created, updated or cancelled, Preno will synchronise it to Goki.

  • Preno will upload dates, room number, guest contact details and amounts owing

  • Goki will communicate with the guest to download their app, complete check-in form, etc..

  • The door access (either through App or PIN codes) is managed by Goki - access information won’t be available in Preno.

  • When a booking is cancelled or updated, Goki will update the access to the room accordingly.

Automated check in:

  • On arrival the guest signs in using the Goki app or their QR code.This will mark the booking as “Checked in” in Preno.

  • If the room is not clean, Goki will tell the guest to wait. Once the room status in Preno is changed to “clean” Goki will notify the guest that their room is ready.

Enabling the connection to Goki in Preno

You will need the integration token from Goki to begin the setup:

  1. Go to your Goki dashboard. Navigate to Settings > Marketplace > All Apps and search for Preno.

  2. Click on Connect, and you will see the integration token.

  3. Copy the token and head to Preno.

To enable the connection, you'll need to paste the token into Preno:

  1. In Preno, navigate to Settings > Integrations > Goki

  2. Click on Enable

  3. Paste the token from Goki and submit. The connection should now be established.

Now that the connection is enabled, you are ready to map your rooms in Goki.

In Goki, go to Spaces and you will be able to map your room to Preno.

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