Agents are where your bookings are coming from, and it includes everything from direct bookings, online bookings, and corporate clients. When you add them to Preno, you'll be able to include things like commission types, rates and contact information about that agent. This'll be synchronised with Xero, too, as a contact. 

This is one of the first things you'll want to do with a new account.

There are four different Agent types:

  1. Direct Commission - the agent takes commission from the guest. You invoice the agent for your payment. This is like Expedia.
  2. Invoices for Commission - the guest pays you directly. The agent then invoices you for their commission. This is like
  3. Flat Rate Commission - an agent that takes a fixed dollar amount for each booking. This is like Book a Batch.
  4. No Commission - this is often a corporate that doesn’t take commission, but provides bookings. This would be like a corporate client who regularly sends their staff to your hotel, or a marketing channel (like iSite).

You can access your Agents by clicking on the Agents tab in the top toolbar. From this page, you can see the list of existing agents, import them in from Xero, and manage their contact info.

Also see our article on How to add an Agent.

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