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Reporting in Preno

An overview of the reports you can find within Preno (reporting figures are inclusive of sales tax)

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Preno offers several reports that can assist you with tracking information in your account and making informed business decisions. Many of these reports can be found on the Reports tab, selectable at the top left of your page. This help article is a brief introduction to each report and the information it contains.

All reports have ‘Daily’, ‘Weekly’, ‘Monthly’ or 'Custom' views, selectable in the dropdown at the top of the page. They can also be downloaded as a .csv file or a pdf by selecting ‘More’ > ‘Download’ or ‘Print’. 

Please note that all comparison figures will be to the same period last year (e.g. April 2020 will be compared to April 2019) to account for seasonal variations. All future data is subject to change and will update in real-time as changes are made within your Preno account.


The Revenue report contains important metrics such as room nights sold, accommodation and extras totals minus commission and RevPAR. 

Unique to the Revenue report, you can set monthly targets and view these on the graph as well. To set targets, go to ‘More’ > ‘Set targets’.

It is important to note that the Revenue shown in this report is accommodation sold for the selected time period (the default view is ‘Monthly’) and does not reflect the payments taken to date. Grid rows that are excluded from occupancy (e.g. a function room) will also be excluded from revenue calculations. 

The ‘Revenue from Extras’ table shows the income from extras. Sometimes these Extras are shown as a partial quantity. This is the Revenue report spreads extras out across the entire duration of a guest’s stay. For example, a stay that is split over 2 months (i.e. 2 nights in March, and 3 nights in April) will attribute 2/5 of the extra to March, and the remainder to April.


The Occupancy report shows occupancy percentages for the selected time period (this report defaults to a Monthly view). The graph will show your current occupancy compared to the same period last year.

The occupancy table shows metrics by month, and these months can be clicked on, to view each metric by room type for that specific month.


The Bookings report shows new bookings you have received within a given time period (the default is Daily). The Bookings will be listed by Agent with a total figure for each Agent given.

The Bookings report is also one of two places where you can find Cancelled bookings. These will be listed out under ‘Cancelled’ and, if a reason was given for the cancellation, this can be found here as well.

This report may be confused with the report on the Bookings tab. For more information about the Bookings tab report, please see this help article: Download the Room Stay and Bookings report

Room Closures

The Room Closures report is where you can track closures that have been created, including past closures and future closures. It will list out the dates of the closures, what rooms they were applied to, the reason for the closure, and which user scheduled the room closure.


 The Reconciliation report is useful for your bookkeeper or accounts team, as it lists out all payments recorded against bookings in Preno on a given day. It will list payments by the method and specify which booking the payment was made against. Voided payments can also be tracked here.

 If you are using Xero with Preno, any deposits or invoices created in Preno will have a direct link to its equivalent in your Xero account. For more information, please check out our help articles on our Xero Integration.


 The Sources report is a more in-depth look at your Agents and where your bookings are coming from. It will highlight your top booking source, what percentage of your bookings have commission applied to them and the total commission value for your specified time period (Monthly view by default).


On the table, you can click on each Agent to view metrics by room type and discover which room type is most popular with each Agent.



The Guest report offers a summary of information for the guests that have stayed with you in a given period (default is Monthly). The percentage of returning guests will be displayed, as well as their average stay.

Guests are then broken down by nationality, with metrics such as average daily spend and a comparison to the same period last year for this figure.

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