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Updating email templates
Updating email templates

How to update guest and agent email templates

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You can update and personalise the email templates for guest and agent emails with your own wordings and policies. To do this, head to Setting > Emails. Click on the template name to edit.

Email templates can be used together with automated emails so that you do not need to send these manually each time. Please see Automated emails for more information.

Email template editor

The editor allows you to style and your emails.
Use data tags to automatically fill information captured from the booking.

Inserting images/logos: maximum size for uploaded logos/images is 2MB

Guest template considerations

There's a few things you might want to include on your template:

  • Your cancellation policy

  • Information about local landmarks

  • A little bit about yourself as the operator

  • Nearby restaurants or activities

  • Directions for reaching your property

Agent template considerations

You might want to get in touch with your travel agents and see what kind of information they're looking for. Usually, we've found that these are the most popular:

  • Guest's full name

  • Booking ID

  • When the booking was made by the agent (or entered by you into Preno)

  • Arrival & departure dates for the guest

  • Nightly rates

  • Total charges

  • Number of nights that the guest is staying

  • Agent commission percentage and total (this is set up from the Agents and Sources page)

  • Net amount of the accommodation (particularly important for direct commission agents).

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