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Add and manage users in Preno
Add and manage users in Preno

How to add or remove users

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It's important to have a unique user for every staff member, this is to ensure that you can track who made changes to a booking. Having a unique user will also reduce the risk of a security breach, associated with the sharing of passwords. This ensures your guest's sensitive information is protected.
Preno makes it easy to add and remove users:

Adding a new user

  1. Go to Settings > Account and click on Add User

  2. Enter the new user's email address. Preno will send an invite to that email with a link so your colleague can set up their own unique username and password.

  3. Once your colleague completes their user setup, they can begin to use Preno.

Note: The invite email expires after 24 hours for security purposes. You will need to resend the invite if it has expired.

Remove a user

  1. Go to Settings > Account and click on Remove User

  2. Select the user you want to remove from the dropdown and click the red Remove user button to finalise.

  3. Once removed, the user will not be able to login with that username and password anymore.ย 

Note: All historical audit trails from the removed user will be retained

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