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Reporting on Extras
Reporting on Extras

Report on the Extras you've sold through Preno

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If you sell products or services on your property you can add these to your bookings as Extras then report on them through the Reports tab.

If you need to set up Extras for your property click through to see our Help Article on How to create, edit and delete extras and set up bed configurations

Reporting on revenue from Extras

To view the Revenue report for Extras go to Reports > click Revenue > scroll down to the Revenue from extras section.

You can then see a breakdown of each Extra that's been added for your property, including the Quantity sold, Comparison (with this time last year), Item price and Total revenue.

If you need to adjust the reporting period for your Extras you can scroll to the top of the Revenue page, adjust the Monthly/Weekly/Daily or adjust the date selected. This will then update the Revenue from extras section at the bottom of the page.

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