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Guest extras and requests

How to add guest extras and requests to new and existing bookings

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Extras are any addons to a booking beyond just a charge for accommodation. This could be for something like breakfast, wine, or airport transfers. Extras don't need to have a value to them, and extras appear on the guest's invoice at the end of their stay.

Adding extras to a new booking

You can add extras to a new booking after you've entered in the guest's details. This gives you a chance to read through Guest Notes to see if they have any regular requests, helping you deliver top quality service. Once you've clicked Add Guest, a blue button appears under Extras & Requests.

Following this, a new screen will appear, displaying your most popular extras as shortcuts, or alternatively you can manually enter an extra.

The screen with your most common extras, and the ability to add your own custom extra will appear. If the booking can be invoiced to an agent (someone who uses Direct Commission), then the checkbox to Invoice agent for extra will appear.

For group bookings, Preno will assign the extra to the room you clicked on.

Removing an extra
Open up the booking by clicking View booking. Scroll down to the Extras category, and find the extra that you'd like to delete. On the right hand side of the extra, click the red cross to delete it. Preno will confirm that you'd like to delete the extra, and once you press Yes it'll be deleted.

In group bookings, you'll need to select the room that the extra was assigned to. Once you've found the room, then you'll see the extra and be able to delete it.

If you've already taken payment from the guest, you'll need to void the payment and create a new one. If you invoiced an agent for the extra (as a part of the accommodation invoice), you'll need to void that invoice and create a new one.


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