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Edit or delete an Agent
Edit or delete an Agent

How to Edit Agent details or Delete an Agent

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Edit details for the Agent

  1. Navigate to the Agents tab 

  2. Find the Agent you want to edit. Use the filter if you have a long list of agents.

  3. Click on the agent and you will see all of the details for the agent. Click any of the fields to edit the information. 

  4. Click Save and the changes will be applied to all bookings with this agent.

Delete an Agent

To delete an Agent, find the agent you want to delete. On the far right hand side column of the agents page is a red cross button. When you click this, Preno will ask to confirm that you'd like to delete the agent.

Clicking yes will permanently delete the Agent. 

Any existing and past bookings you have with that agent will retain the Agent as the source.

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