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Combine duplicate guest profiles
Combine duplicate guest profiles

How to merge duplicate guest profiles

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Sometimes a guest will have multiple profiles saved in the Preno and you may want to tidy it up by combining them into one guest profile.
To merge a guest profile, all you need to do is remove the guest on the booking and re-add the guest details.

  1. Open the booking you want to update

  2. Click on the red cross next to the guest to remove them

  3. Then click "Add guest details"

  4. Enter the last name of the other guest profile. They will show up as a suggestion on the right.

  5. Select that suggested profile and save 

  6. Repeat this step and make sure you continue to select the same suggested profile e.g the first 'Sandy Smith' at the top of the list

Note: If the guest has checked out already, you can roll back the booking to edit the guest then proceed to check out again. If a Xero deposit is attached to the booking, just reach out to the team for assistance.

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