The Accommodation Data Programme (ADP) is a new 'by industry, for industry' research programme designed to meet the needs of accommodation providers and industry representatives in New Zealand. The ADP collects data from accommodation providers each month, collates it and then publishes reports that can be used to benchmark performance and monitor the industry.

Preno can automatically submit the report to ADP at the start of each month, which means there is no effort required to participate.

Note: this report is only available to customers in New Zealand

How to authorise automatic submission to ADP in Preno

  1. Go to Settings > Integrations and find ADP on the list.

  2. Click Enable

  3. Enter your Property ID (provided by ADP), property name and check the box to authorise Preno to automatically send ADP data. Then click Save.

  4. That's it, your report will automatically be sent each month.

Why join the ADP?

  • It's free to join

  • You'll receive monthly reports you can use to benchmark the performance of your property

  • Your data will remain strictly confidential

  • Good quality data enables better advocacy and representation for the accomodation sector

  • The accomodation sector is stronger and better when it works together

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