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Managing the addition of extrasHow to allow flexibility to create extras when managing bookings or require the user to select from the defined list of extras only.
How to move a booking to another roomHow to move a booking from one room/room type to another in Preno.
Why are my guests names being overwritten?What is causing the guest names to change in your bookings when you edit one of them?
Add a new extra while in the bookingHow to add a new extra to your booking in Preno.
Guest checks out earlyHow to update a booking if the guest checks out early from their room.
Adding past bookingsHow to add bookings that were made in the past
How to print a receiptHow to print a receipt in Preno
Why is there a yellow box on the Grid?How to remove the yellow box from the Grid
Creating an unconfirmed bookingHow to create, confirm, or delete an unconfirmed booking
Setting a custom rate for a bookingHow to set a custom rate for a booking
Creating a booking with multiple ratesHow to create a booking with different rates
Checking out a guest early and opening up those unused room nights.If you have a guest leaving early and you need to open up the availability for the room nights they are not staying. ​
How to rollback a booking or undo a checkout/checkinHow to make changes or edit a checked out booking
How to print a rooming listFor large group bookings, you may find it useful to have a list of all reservations in the party, and what room they're in
How to search/filter bookings by statusHow to search and filter your bookings from the Bookings page
Emailing a receipt to your guestYou can send a .PDF attachment of the receipt to your guest with an email tag
How to create a group bookingCreate a booking with multiple rooms and one invoice
Cancelling a bookingHow to cancel a booking from the grid or Bookings page, and how to take payment for a booking that has been cancelled
What to do if the Email button is not clickableHow to make the Email guest or Email agent button clickable
Emailing an Agent or GuestHow to email booking information to an Agent or Guest