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Refund cancelled bookings
Refund cancelled bookings

How to apply refunds to a cancelled booking

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Cancellations can happen and depending on your policy a refund might be required. See the different scenarios below and how to correctly record/apply a refund.
Note: we recommend refunds to be made the same way payment was taken to reduce fraudulent activity.

Refund the booking before cancelling it in Preno

Before you cancel a booking in Preno a refund may have been done outside of Preno and you need to record it for reconciliation purposes or you may need refund a stored credit card. See steps below:

  1. Click on the transaction and select 'Refund'

  2. Enter the $ amount and a reason then 'Process Refund'

  3. Proceed to cancel the booking in Preno

Refunding a booking after it's cancelled

When a booking has already been cancelled in Preno and a refund was supposed to be recorded, just follow these steps:

  1. Click on 'Rollback Booking' to rollback the reservation

  2. If there are deposits linked to Xero on the booking you'll need to remove the credit allocation from the prepayments in Xero before cancelling again

  3. To do this, click on each of the deposit links below then click the grey 'X' in the bottom right corners (beside 'Less credit to INV-XYZ')

  4. Once done, you can click on the transaction and click 'Refund' then cancel the booking

See example below

If the refund is incorrect you can void the transaction and try again.

Proceed to 'Cancel Booking' and input a reason for the cancellation for reporting purposes. This will be helpful with tracking any cancellation trends.

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