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How to split bookings in Preno

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Splitting bookings is a common request for situations such as:

  • A group booking wanting to pay individually

  • Separate receipts are required by each guest

  • Sending confirmation emails to guests in a group booking

To split a booking:

  1. Find the group booking in Preno and select 'View booking'

  2. At the top right corner click on the 'More' button to select the 'Split Booking' option

  3. A window will pop up allowing you to choose how you would like the booking to be split

  4. Select the bookings you want to split 'Individually' or into a 'New group booking'

  5. Confirm the split by clicking 'Split booking'

  6. New booking IDs will be displayed under booking history found at the bottom of the page

​Important notes when splitting bookings

  • If a stored credit card is present on the booking, you can select which booking booking the stored credit card should be attached to.

  • Payments assigned to a room will remain with the primary booking after it's split


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