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How to rollback a booking or undo a checkout/checkin
How to rollback a booking or undo a checkout/checkin

How to make changes or edit a checked out booking

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If you need to add any extras, or edit anything on a booking that has already been checked out, you will need to rollback the booking.

Rolling back a booking will revert the booking status to 'Checked in' or 'Not confirmed'

To do this, select the booking you need to rollback and click view booking.

Once on the bookings page, if the booking is checked in you will see a 'More' button in the top right-hand corner, click on that for more options.

Click Rollback booking, enter the reason for the rollback, and finalise.

If the booking has been checked out already, the 'Rollback booking' button will be located at the top right corner. A rollback reason is also required.

If you are integrated with Xero, you will need to void the previous invoice in Xero to avoid double-ups when the booking is checked-out again. For more information, please see this help article: Rolling back a booking & voiding the invoice

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