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Creating an unconfirmed booking
Creating an unconfirmed booking

How to create, confirm, or delete an unconfirmed booking

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Sometimes you'll have guests who call up or enquire to book out a room, but they aren't quite ready to make the commitment for a reservation. You can save their booking as unconfirmed so that it is easily identified on the grid, and you can confirm or cancel the booking later. Unconfirmed bookings will update the room to unavailable to your channel manager.

โ€‹Creating the booking
You'll want to go through the normal booking creation process. When you are ready to save, choose ย Save as unconfirmed instead. The booking is still created with all of the information that a regular booking would have. You'll also want to enter a source, guest details and booking notes just like any other booking. You can still e-mail your potential guest in Preno too.

You'll see on the grid that the booking comes up in red text, and it looks very different to a regular booking! You can still move the guest around different dates and rooms using drag and drop.

โ€‹Confirming or cancelling the unconfirmed booking
Find the unconfirmed booking on the grid. When you click on it, you'll have a few options in the new screen that appears. Clicking Cancel booking will delete it and free up that room for new bookings, or selecting Confirm booking will change the booking so that you can check-in the guest.

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