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How to create a group booking
How to create a group booking

Create a booking with multiple rooms and one invoice

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A group booking is handy when you need to create a reservation for a guest or agent who requires multiple rooms but only one invoice

You can also add/create individual guest profiles in each room, whether there are 2 or 15 extra rooms! Preno makes creating a guest booking easy, follow the steps below:

To create a guest booking, click on the room you'd like to attach the primary guest to. Select the date range of the stay, and enter all the guest details. 

Before you save the booking, you can see the option to add another room:

Once you have clicked that button, a pop-up will appear prompting you to enter the check-in and checkout dates for the additional room(s). You may select one or multiple rooms, depending on the room availability.

Once you've added the rooms, save the booking. You'll be able to see any rooms booked as a group by using the groups view option on the grid:

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