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How to update guest details
How to update guest details

Using Guest Profiles, you can store useful information about your guests

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In Preno, Guest Profiles are where important guest information is stored, such as their contact phone number, email and address. You can also store any special requests made by the guest or important internal information in the Notes section. This can be useful if they choose to stay with you again in the future and will be displayed when adding the existing guest to a new booking for you to reference easily.ย 

To update these details, search for the guest name on the Guests tab in Preno. You can also search by email address and phone number. When you've found the correct profile, click on the guest name and this will open the 'Edit Guest' window for you to make updates.

Before you close this window, be sure to click 'Save Guest' at the bottom right to save any changes you have made!

Please note: You will only be able to find guests who have confirmed stays with you on the Guest tab. If a guest only has a cancelled booking against their name, you will have to search for this on the Bookings tab to locate the booking.

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