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Managing credit/vouchers for cancelled/deferred bookings
Managing credit/vouchers for cancelled/deferred bookings

How to easily manage credit/vouchers for guests

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If a guest has decided to cancel a booking or wants to reschedule their stay later in the year, the property can offer credit or vouchers for the guests and Preno can easily help manage it.

You can add rows to the home grid to hold wait listed guests, vouchers/ credit to be used at a later date. Once the guest decides when to rebook you can simply update the check in/check out dates or drag and drop the booking.

See example below:

To set this up:
All you need to do is add a room type and room to the grid as normal under
โ€‹Settings>Rooms>Add> Room type then add a Room
Name the room accordingly and exclude from occupancy if you do not want it to affect occupancy figures.

See example below

If you have any questions just reach out to the team via the in-app chat

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