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How to merge bookings in Preno

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Merging bookings is a common request from guests for situations such as:

  • A group visit requires one invoice or receipt

  • A guest stays in two different rooms during their stay

  • A single booking is added to a group booking

To merge a booking:

  1. Find the primary booking you want to merge bookings to and open the booking

  2. Open the booking by selecting 'View booking'

  3. At the top right corner click on the 'More' button to find the 'Merge Booking' option

  4. A window will pop up and in the 'Booking search' field you can either search by guest name or Preno ID

  5. As you type in the search bar, the search result is populated on the right

  6. Click on the booking, review the booking information then click 'Add to merge list'

  7. Optional: Select the red X to remove a booking from the list

  8. Select the bookings to be merged then confirm by clicking 'Merge bookings'

​Important notes when merging bookings

  • Unconfirmed / checked out / cancelled bookings cannot be merged

  • Only one credit card can be selected and saved to the group booking. When multiple credit cards are detected, simply choose the one that will be stored after bookings are merged

  • Existing payments will remain with the assigned room

  • Extras will remain with the room assigned

  • The group booking ID is dictated by the primary booking you merge bookings to

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