Sometimes a guest might call you up or email to cancel a booking. When that happens, you'll need to cancel their booking from Preno in order to free up that room again for future bookings. Once you cancel the booking, Preno will update your channel manager to let your OTA's know that they can sell that room again.

Cancelling a booking

Find the booking you're looking to cancel (either on on the grid or the Bookings page). 

Taking payments for a cancelled booking

If your policy on cancelled bookings includes a cancellation fee, record the payment before you cancel the booking.

If you use Xero, then an invoice will be automatically generated for the payment amount you have recorded. 

Cancel booking button

You will find the Cancel booking button on the top right, or the bottom right. Sometimes, the button can also be found by clicking More.

Rollback a booking that has been cancelled

If you need to rollback a cancelled booking to a confirmed booking, click on the Rollback booking button on the top right. You can record the reason and once confirmed, the booking will be re-instated.

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