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Charge a cancellation fee
Charge a cancellation fee

How to charge a guest a cancellation fee

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Your cancellation policy may require quests to pay for some or all of their stay if they cancel within a number of days of their check in date.

If this happens and you need to charge a cancellation fee you can do this in the booking in Preno.

Adding and charging a cancellation fee

If you’re cancelling the booking yourself you can edit the booking to add in an Extra called Cancellation Charge.

If the booking has been automatically cancelled by your channel manager see the ‘Rollback a booking that has been automatically cancelled’ section below before completing these steps.

To add this Extra

  1. Go to Bookings > click into the booking > click Add extra/Add another extra

  2. Enter Cancellation Fee for the Item Name

  3. Enter the required cancellation fee as the Amount > leave the Quantity as 1

  4. Click Add.

To charge the cancellation fee to the stored credit card

  1. In the booking click Add payment / create invoice

  2. Adjust the Amount to match the Cancellation Fee Extra that was added

  3. Click Process Credit Card.

If you’ve taken a non-refundable deposit which is used as a cancellation fee this will already be recorded in Preno. Instead of being applied to the guests’ final bill this will be held as a Cancellation fee.

Rollback a booking that has been automatically cancelled

If a booking has been automatically cancelled by your channel manager the booking will be removed from the main Preno Grid. The booking will still be available in the Bookings tab.

To find a cancelled booking go to Bookings > change the Status filter from All Statuses to Cancelled then look for the booking.

Note: If you have a reference number for the booking, such as a channel manager reference number, you can enter this in the Searchbar at the top of the Bookings tab.

Once you’ve found the cancelled booking you’ll need to roll the booking back before a Cancellation Fee can be added.

To rollback the booking 

  1. Click into the booking > click Rollback Booking in the top right corner > enter a Reason for undoing cancellation > click Rollback booking.

Once the booking has been rolled back you can add and charge for the cancellation fee using the steps in the ‘Adding and charging a cancellation fee’ section above.

Proceed to 'Cancel Booking' and input a reason for the cancellation for reporting purposes. This will be helpful with tracking any cancellation trends.

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