How to refund a guest's payment to their stored credit card

If you need to refund a payment or part of a deposit you have taken, you can do so via your payment gateway integration:

  1. Click on the payment or deposit in the Payments section.

2. From the pop-up, select the refund payment button

3. Include a reason for your refund and press Process refund. You need to include a reason for the Process refund button to become available.

4. You will see the amount refunded and the booking total adjusted. If you're integrated with Xero, you'll also see that there's a link to the Overpayment in Xero:

Important notes on refunds

  • You cannot refund an amount larger than the payment you took
  • You can do a partial refund of the amount you've taken.
  • Refunding a credit card that's been charged through the Payment Gateway integration will refund that amount back to the guest's card.

If you need to refund the entire cost of a booking, and then checking out the guest for free:

  • Edit the booking, select custom rate and set the rate to $0.00. You'll also need to void any extras on the booking too. 
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