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How to record a payment from the grid or bookings page in Preno

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Once you've created the booking for your guest, you'll need to take payment from your guest at some stage. There's a few ways to do this, and Preno records the payments that you enter by creating them in Xero for you to reconcile later. If you have the integrated credit card payments enabled in your account, you can even charge the guest's credit card directly in Preno!

Preno makes it easy to run your property by recording info about how your guest is paying for their booking. We do this by creating Payments in Xero, and assigning those payments to the invoice that gets created in Xero on checkout.

When you're adding the payment to a booking, you'll have the ability to describe the type of payment it is, how much the payment was for, and in group booking who paid for the booking.

These are the types of payments you can record.

  • Cash

  • Visa/Mastercard

  • American Express

  • Bartercard

  • Invoice Guest

  • Invoice Agent

Adding a payment from the grid

Select the booking on the grid (the booking has to be checked in). Select Add payment, and you'll be taken to the payment screen.

Adding a payment from the Bookings page

Select the booking from the Bookings page, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Add payment/create invoice.
Choose the payment type, method and amount, then click Add.

What happens in Xero?

So now that we've taken payments from the guest, Preno will create both an invoice and payments in Xero. The payments will be automatically assigned to the guest's invoice for you to reconcile. Those payments will capture all of the information you entered earlier, including how the payment was made.

Once your bank feed comes in, reconcile everything and stay accurate!

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