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Refunding Imported Payments - Xero
Refunding Imported Payments - Xero

How to record a refund for a booking with an imported payment

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How to refund an imported payment in Preno

Because Imported payments in Preno are for payments on bookings prior to moving to Preno, imported payments don't create Xero transactions. It is assumed that before moving to Preno, all the payments were already recorded in Xero.

Instead of clicking on the Imported payment in Preno and clicking "Refund", you will need to account for the refund by creating a credit note in Xero directly and applying a cash refund to it.

  1. Login to Xero

  2. Go to Business > Invoices > New Credit Note

  3. Enter the guest or agents name on the Credit Note

  4. Enter the details of the refund and set the value as the same value of the refund

  5. Click Approve

  6. After the CN is approved enter a cash refund for the amount of the CN

  7. Click Add Refund

  8. You will now be able to reconcile the refund in Xero

If you have already refunded the Imported payment in Preno

If you have already applied a refund to the Imported payment in Preno, you will need to void the Cash and refund and overpayment in Xero.

  1. Click the imported Refund in Preno.

  2. Click on the Cash refund payment on Overpayment.

  3. Click Options > Remove & Redo > Yes.

  4. Under Account transactions find the Overpayment (or you can go back to Preno and click on the Imported Refund again).

  5. Click Options > Remove & Redo > Yes.

If you haven't refunded the Imported payment in Preno

To add a record of the refund in Preno, please reach out to our support team via the in app chat and our support team will be able to add the record for you, then cancel or check out the booking.

Why you need to create a Credit Note manually

When bookings are imported into your Preno account from your previous PMS (Property Management System), bookings with payments on them will have the payment type 'Imported' in Preno.

Imported payments assume you have already accounted for the payment in Xero before moving over the Preno and won't create a new transaction in Xero.

If you apply a refund to the Imported payment in Preno, an Overpayment will be created in Xero with a refund applied to it.

When an Overpayment is created, there will be a debit and credit in your Xero account which will need to be reconciled.

Because the debit (money coming in) should have already been account for in Xero before you moved over to Preno, the debit created would be a duplicate and have nothing to reconcile to.

To reconcile the refund you will need to manually create a credit note in Xero and apply a cash refund to it to account for the refund.

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