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Add, edit or remove credit cards from a booking
Add, edit or remove credit cards from a booking

Add or manage multiple cards on a booking

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If you’d like to charge a customer’s booking to their card through Preno you'll first need to add it to the booking in Preno. Multiple payment cards can be added to a booking. This is helpful when guests want to pay separately.

Before you can add a customer’s card to their booking in Preno you’ll need to first set up your Payment Gateway integration in Settings.

Add a credit card to the booking

To add a credit card to a booking first open the booking either from the Grid or from the Bookings tab. When you have the booking open in Preno:

  • Scroll down to the Stored cards section of the booking

  • Click Add payment card

  • Enter the Name on card, Card number, Expiration date and CVV

  • Click Add.

The payment gateway will validate this card to ensure that it's valid. 

Your Payment Gateway may also process a $1 charge against the card to check that the card can be charged. This charge will be automatically refunded within a few days.

The card you’ve added will be shown in the payment section as the Stored credit card.

Charging the guest's credit card

Once you’ve added the guest’s credit card to their booking you can charge their card by adding a payment. You can charge the card by either:

  1. Clicking the green 'Charge' button next to the stored card OR

  2. Going to the payments section and selecting 'Add payment/ create invoice'

  3. Click 'Stored payment card' as the payment method.
    If you select 'Visa/Mastercard' or 'American Express', it will only create a record of your transaction and not charge the guests payment card.

Note: If you have multiple credit cards stored, you can choose which credit card to charge by clicking on the 'Bill to stored credit card' drop down box.

Change/remove the stored credit card for a booking

To change the credit card stored against a booking:

  • From the Stored cards section of the booking click the red X to the right of the stored card to remove the card

  • Click 'Add payment card' to enter the new card details

  • Click Save.

Linking cards to guests/agents

Stored cards on the booking can be linked to any guest or agent of the booking so you can use this card again in the future.

  1. Create a booking with the guests name.

  2. Add their payment card.

  3. On the saved booking click 'Yes, please!' if Preno has matched the card name with the guest added to the booking

  4. OR click 'Link to profile' and choose the guest/agent from the drop down menu

How to add a linked card to a subsequent booking:

Preno will automatically check if there are any guest/agent linked cards on the booking. When available, you will see this blue banner. This is a quick way to add linked cards.

Alternatively, you can add a linked card this way:

  1. Click Add payment card on the Stored cards section of the booking.

  2. Click 'Linked card'

  3. Select the guest/agent from the drop down box

  4. If there are more than one linked cards, select from the list of cards on the right panel.

6. Tick 'I have verified this card'

7. Click 'Select this card'.

8. Finally click 'Add'

  1. Open the booking where the stored card is added

  2. Click the 'X' button

  3. Click 'Unlink'

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