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How the room status feature works in Preno

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The Room status lets you keep a live status of rooms to help housekeeping communicate with the front desk. Beside each room name on the grid, Preno will display the room's current room status. This is a clear indicator to you and your team if a room is ready for it's next occupant.

Rooms status Key:

Green - Clean

Blue - Occupied

Red - Dirty

Orange - Cleaning

Black - Out of order

How to change room status

You can bulk update room statuses which will save your team a lot of time especially if you need to update a number of rooms at once. To do this:

  1. From the Home page, above the grid, click on 'Update room status'

  2. Select the rooms you would like to update

  3. From the dropdown, choose the new status you would like and click 'Update'

You can also manually change the status of a room on the grid by:

  1. Clicking on the Room tile

  2. Clicking the current status of the room

  3. Choosing the new status from the drop down

  4. Then select 'Update' and the new status will be applied.

A change log is available to keep track of room status changes per user

The status can also be changed on the Housekeeping report by clicking on the status to the left of the room. The selectable options for status are limited on the Housekeeping report to Clean, Cleaning and Dirty.

The status will change automatically through the following flow:

  1. The room is clean by default

  2. When a guest checks in, the room will become occupied

  3. When a guest checks out, the room becomes dirty

  4. When a housekeeper cleans the room, they should change status to “Cleaning” manually

  5. When they are finished cleaning, the housekeeping team can change the status to “Clean” to indicate the room is ready for the next guest

Moving Rooms

If you move a booking from one room to another, the original room will become "Dirty", and the status of the new room will change to "Occupied".

Out of Order

When the room status is 'out of order' the room is still available to be booked online unless you apply a room closure to it.

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