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Navigating the PMS Dashboard in Preno: A Beginner’s Guide
Navigating the PMS Dashboard in Preno: A Beginner’s Guide

Short training video on using the Grid in Preno

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The Preno PMS Dashboard is designed to give you a comprehensive view of your hotel's operations at a glance. Paired with our upcoming YouTube explainer video, this guide will take you through the ins and outs of the PMS Dashboard, ensuring you're equipped to make the most of Preno's features from day one.

Understanding the Grid Layout

At the heart of the PMS Dashboard is the Grid. It's here where the operational magic happens:

  • Room Numbers & Dates: Find room numbers running down the left side and dates spread across the top.

  • Occupancy at a Glance: The top of the Grid showcases occupancy rates, helping you quickly gauge your hotel's capacity.

  • Color-coded Status: Each room's status is displayed in color, offering immediate insight into occupancy and booking statuses.

Dashboard Daily Use

The PMS Dashboard is your go-to for daily hotel management tasks:

  • Track Occupancy: Keep an eye on occupancy rates displayed prominently at the Grid's top to guide your operational decisions.

  • Booking Status Colors: Understand booking statuses at a glance with our intuitive color-coding system, from blue for in-house guests to orange for bookings needing your attention.

  • Room Management: Easily identify and manage closed rooms, ensuring efficient use of your available inventory.

  • Booking Details: Click on any booking for in-depth information, from guest details to reservation specifics.

  • Easy Navigation: Utilize the top menu to access other essential Preno features like Bookings, Reports, and Housekeeping.

View Options for Specific Needs

Preno offers tailored views for different operational needs, from checking out guests to managing future bookings. Utilize these views to streamline your daily tasks and ensure a smooth operation.

Interactive and Actionable Grid

The PMS Dashboard is not just for viewing; it's a dynamic tool allowing direct updates to room statuses and bookings. Use the actionable icons, like the triangular alerts for special notices, to stay proactive.

Notifications and Alerts

Stay informed with booking notifications, indicated by a yellow highlight. These alerts ensure you're always aware of any issues or updates related to your bookings.

Customizing Your Experience

Preno understands that no two hotels are the same. Customize your Grid view to match your specific needs, from filtering room types to resetting to the default view for a fresh perspective.

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