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Controlling your room rates in Preno

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Preno allows you to control your nightly rates by room type, different rate types (like family & friends rates) and adjust rates for different dates. Preno can store rates 750 days into the future. Check out this article to find out how to adjust it.
Any updates to the rates in Preno are applied to new bookings only, not to existing bookings. If you change a rate and want that to be updated in an existing booking, you'll need to edit that booking.

Use a Channel Manager with Preno?

You have the following options to integrate your rates with your channel manager:

Keep rates separate
Any online booking that arrives from Siteminder or STAAH will use the rates you set up through Siteminder or STAAH. Direct bookings and walk ins will use the rates you set in Preno. Updating a rate in Preno will not update the rate in your channel manager.

Preno updates Channel manager rates
If you choose to manage rates within Preno, any changes you make on the Rates page will be pushed out to your channel manager. This means that Preno will be the central source of both rates and inventory. If you make a change in your channel manager, it will be overwritten by Preno.

View, Add and Delete rates

Read this how-to guide on how to view, add and delete your room rates.

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