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How to add a new room type in Preno

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You will need to add a a room type before you are able to add rooms in Preno.

Room Types in Preno allow you to group similar rooms together, such as One Bedroom, Two Bedroom or Suite.

Add a Room Type

To add a Room Type

  1. Go to Settings > Rooms > Room types & rooms

  2. Click + Add room type

  3. Enter the details

    1. Room type name

    2. Rate name

    3. Base rate

    4. Extra guest rate (put 0 if not applicable)

    5. Included in occupancy (guests included in the nightly rate)

  4. Tick 'Exclude from occupancy' if you want the room type excluded from your reports.

  5. Click Add room type

The Room Type you’ve added will then be displayed in the list in Settings. Once a room is assigned to the Room Type it will show on the Grid.

Your new Room Type will initially be unmapped to your Channel Manager so it can't be booked online. If you’d like to map this room to your Channel Manager get in touch with Preno Support through the chat bubble in the bottom right corner.

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