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Housekeeping Reports

How to view and print the daily housekeeping reports and view past/future housekeeping reports

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The Housekeeping reports allow you to view the list of rooms that require housekeeping services.

Daily notes

You can add notes each day to easily communicate information and make plans with your team by clicking "Add daily note".

If you would like to update the Daily notes once they have been added, click "Edit daily note".

Room statuses

The rooms in the Housekeeping report are listed in order of priority for cleaning.

  1. Turnovers - these are rooms where someone is departing and a new person is arriving in the same day.

  2. Departures - these are rooms where people are leaving today. If someone else is arriving in that room today too, then they'll appear in Turnovers.

  3. Stayovers - you'll see what rooms, with how many guests, and where they are in their stay. This is great for keeping up with housekeeping procedures, like changing sheets every 3 days.

  4. Arrivals - because these rooms were empty before the guest is due to arrive, you just need to give them a quick spruce up to make sure the rooms are ready for these people.

Closed Rooms

This section will display rooms that are closed in Preno. In here you can let your team know if housekeeping is required in the Closed Rooms for your property in the Daily notes section.

Dirty Rooms

This section shows rooms that are dirty, and have no bookings on that day. Perfect for when you don't clean daily and acts as a to do list.

You can manually update the Room Status for your rooms in Preno from the Home screen.

Print the daily housekeeping report
This report is printer friendly - it's formatted with all of your notes, bed configurations, and guest requests. Click the print icon on the top right of the screen, and then send off as many copies as you need.

View past or future Housekeeping reports
To view the housekeeping report for a past/future date, click on the date selector and select the date you would like to display.

Guest requests and bed configurations
Head here to view how to set up extras and bed configurations to show in the Housekeeping report.

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