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Add events/public holidays/car rentals/waitlists to the Grid
Add events/public holidays/car rentals/waitlists to the Grid

How to maximise the grid without affecting occupancy figures

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The Grid is a great way to view your bookings at a glance and see which rooms and dates are occupied. It can even be used to suit the needs of each property!

E.g. I have an EVENTS row to track concert's and public holidays

Extra rows can be added to the grid to display/track:

  • Events/public holidays

  • Car rentals

  • Offline rooms

  • Conference/function rooms/Weddings

  • Tuck shop sales

  • Waitlisted guests

  • Deferred bookings

There's no need to worry about compromising occupancy figures because Preno let's you exclude room types from occupancy reporting!

To set this up just go to:

  • Settings > Rooms > Click on +Add Room Type and select the tick box to 'Exclude from occupancy'.

  • Complete the fields (Add 1 to the '$' fields. You can leave the 'Extra guest rate' and 'Included in occupancy' field blank))

  • Once you've added the Room type, you'll need to add/assign a room to it so it will appear on the grid

If you need to add another row to your subscription just message the team via the in-app and we can help you out.

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