Connected rooms

Preno can close a room automatically when another room is booked or closed. Also known as Virtual Rooms

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Preno can close a room automatically when another room is booked or closed.

For example, if you have an apartment that is sold as one unit, but can also be sold as two separate rooms, you can configure Preno to close the room "Apartment" when either of the rooms is sold, or close the rooms when the apartment is booked.

Setting up

Connected rooms can be configured under Settings > Rooms > Connected rooms.

Now, when Scary room 1 is not available (either booked or closed), Spooky floor will become unavailable too. If the rooms are connected to a channel manager, their inventory will be updated accordingly.

If you want the connection connected both ways, tick "Connect rooms both ways".

Implications on reporting

Even if the rooms are connected, Preno counts each one of them as an available unit. Three rooms are available in this example: 

Adding a booking or a room closure to a room will close its connected rooms. The rooms will be taken out of inventory for the purpose of occupancy and revenue calculations.

In the example below the occupancy is 33%: 1 room sold divided by 3 rooms available total.

​Double booking risks

As connected rooms only close availability after a booking is made, it is possible for a guest to make a booking on the original room and the connected room at the same time. This risk can be mitigated with clear descriptions on your online listing that there is a connected/virtual room setup.

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