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Change or reset your password/username

Update your Preno profile's username, password

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Change your password

To change your password go to Settings > Profile > in the Change password section enter your Old password, New password, Confirm new password > click Update password.

Tip: A string of seemingly random, unassociated words make a secure and memorable password.


Reset your password

If you've forgotten your password and can't log in to your account, click on the Forgot password link on the Preno login page. 

Enter your username, click Send password reset and Preno will send a reset password link to your email address,

Once you receive your password reset email, click on the link that has been included which will take you back to the Reset password page in Preno. Here you can enter and confirm a new password.

Note: If you were logged into Preno in another browser window or device you'll need to log back in using the new password you've set up.

Change your username

To change your username go to Settings > Profile > User Profile > change your username and save changes.

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