Manage user permissions

Set restrictions and permissions for users in your property

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User permissions allow you to manage which team members can see or change information in your property's account. These permissions can reflect the roles that each team member in your property looks after.

Permissions are split into eight sections which reflect the tabs from the navigation bar and the settings area.

  • Home

  • Bookings

  • Reports

  • Rates

  • Guests

  • Agents

  • Housekeeping

  • Settings

You're able to manage each of these sections individually based off the jobs to be done by that user.

Default user permissions

When you add a new user to your property they will be created with the lowest level of permissions. This means that you will need to add permissions to each user as required.


Setting each user's permissions

To set a user's permissions go to Settings > User management > click on the blue name of the user or the blue name of their permissions

Note: You will need to already have Can update account settings enabled on your own profile to adjust user permissions for your property.
(The first user created in an account will be granted full permission)

Below is an explanation of each section.


Selecting the Home permission restricts a user from editing bookings. This turns off the ability to edit bookings, cancel bookings, delete bookings, rollback bookings and refund payments.



The Bookings section lets you adjust exactly which actions a user can make to bookings. A tick beside each permission means that it has been enabled.

  • Can edit bookings lets the user make changes to bookings, such as moving the booking to another room or adjusting the check in/check out dates

  • Can cancel bookings lets the user cancel bookings 

  • Can delete bookings lets the user delete bookings. Note: Can cancel bookings needs to be is enabled for the user before this can be selected

  • Can rollback bookings lets the user rollback checked out bookings

  • Can refund payments lets the user refund payments made against bookings


The Reports section lets you give a user access to the Reports tab. This lets the user view and download information about your property, such as Occupancy and Revenue.

  • Can access all reports allow the user to access the Reports tab


The Rates section lets you give a user access to the Rates tab. This lets the user add, update or remove rates for each of your property's room types.

  • Can add, update and delete rates lets the user add, update or delete rates


The Guests section lets you give the user access to the Guests tab to download guest lists

  • Can download guests list


The Agents section lets you give a user access to the Agents tab. This lets the user add, update and delete agents.

  • Can add, update and delete agents lets the user add, update or delete agents


The Housekeeping section lets you give a user access to the Housekeeping tab without being able to access the other parts of Preno.

  • Can only access housekeeping lets the user access the Housekeeping tab but not other parts of Preno


The Settings section lets you give a user full permissions to the account

  • Can update account settings lets the user access and update everything

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