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How to create a new booking and add guest extras and requests

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You can add a new booking by selecting an available room on the grid for the date that the guest will arrive on.

Click that block on the grid and it will take you to a New Booking’s page, from here you can create single or group bookings.

You can also do this by going to the Bookings page and selecting Create booking in the top right hand side.

The first thing you'll need to do on the booking is set the agent (source of the booking) You can enter a reference number here too - it'll get pulled through to the final invoice. 

Add in any important booking notes. This is a good opportunity to add in any information to help you personalise the guest's stay.

Now you can change the checkin or checkout date for your guest, and if you click on the dates you'll be taken to a calendar to pick the dates. Now add your guest's information to the booking. Every booking needs the guest's name at the bare minimum.

Want to add any guests requests or extras? 

You can do that next, after entering the guest's details you can enter any extras or requests. You can also set a custom arrival or departure time here (this gets pulled through to the housekeeping report).

If you have a payment gateway set up, you'll be able to securely store the guest's credit card at the end of the booking page. Simply scroll down to where you see Credit Card, and it will give you the option to store a credit card by clicking Add credit card.

On the right hand side is a summary of the booking, including the cost. When you're done, hit Save Booking and Preno will create the reservation. Your channel manager will then be updated too.

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