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How to connect Xero to your Preno account to streamline your accounting

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The Xero integration in Preno is really fantastic - all of the information about your guest's stay is bundled into an invoice on checkout, as well as information about how they paid. You'll need to turn on the integration first (when you're first setting up your account) - you should check with your accountant to make sure that your chart of accounts is set up properly.

  1. In your Preno account, click on Settings. Click on the Integration tab. Click on Enable in the 'Connect with Xero' section.

2. A pop-up window will appear - you'll be asked to login to your Xero account (if you aren't already). After that, a blue button will appear asking you to Allow access. You'll need to click that to connect Preno and Xero.

3. Now you'll need to map your Preno accounts to your chart of accounts in Xero. Preno will automatically pull through the relevant accounts for each type, and then try to match them. Press Save when you're done.

Picking which accounts to map

Preno requires you to map your accounts in Xero to your accounts in Preno. It's important to get this right, because the different accounts have different effects on your financial statements in Xero.ย 

In order for these accounts to be visible in Preno, they must have Enable payments to this account set. Each account must have a unique account code, too.


  • Accommodation

    • This revenue account records the accommodation total of a booking on checkout. Only revenue from nightly stays will be recorded in here. This is a revenue account with GST.

    • You can map individual room types to their own revenue account in Xero by clicking + Add custom mapping.

  • Extras

    • Preno will record the revenue from the sale of extras in this account. It's separate from the Accommodation account for reporting purposes. This is a revenue account with GST.

    • You can map individual extras to their own revenue account in Xero by clicking + Add custom mapping.

  • Cancellations

    • This revenue account records the cancellation fees charged (if any) upon cancellation of a booking. This is a revenue account with GST.


  • This is an expense account. When you invoice an agent for your guest's stay, Preno automatically deducts the agent's commission and puts it in this account. This is an expense account with GST.

  • You can map individual commissions to their own expense account in Xero by clicking + Add custom mapping.


  • All prepayments or deposits that your guest pays will be stored in this account. The unearned revenue in this account will shift to Accommodation on checkout. If you don't select an account for deposits, then you won't be able to record them. You can set up a current liability account with GST enabled or a prepayment account with no GST.


  • You'll want to code this against your business account in Xero. This is a banking account with no GST. You don't need to select 'Enable payments to this account' for this account.

  • If you have different payment methods that go to different bank accounts in Xero, you can click + Add custom mapping to map individual payment methods.

Tracking Option

  • This is for anyone who uses tracking categories in Xero to monitor revenue and expenses across multiple sites. This is optional - you don't need to select one if you don't want to.

Mapping multiple accounts

If you want to specify different revenue accounts for room types/extras or select a different bank account for each payment method, check out our Connect with Xero: multiple accounts help article.

Missing an account in Xero?

Preno can create the account you need too. On the right hand side of the drop-down, click Create an Account. Pick the code and name you like, and you're ready to go! We'll pick the right account type and whether or not it needs GST.

This is important to get right!

We really recommend getting in touch with your accountant to make sure that your accounts are mapped and set up correctly. If your accountant isn't familiar with Xero, find an Advisor near you that can help. We can introduce you to local partner accountants too.

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