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Recording Bonds in Preno
Recording Bonds in Preno

How to record Bonds in Preno

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Setting up Bond as a payment method

To record bonds in Preno, you can add a new payment method for Bonds which you can use whenever the bond is received and returned.

You can add a new payment method while in Preno by going to:

  1. Settings > Payment methods

  2. Click Add payment method

  3. Payment method: 'Custom'

  4. Custom name: 'Bond'

Receiving and Returning Bonds

Receiving a Bond:

  1. Click 'Add payment' for the booking

  2. Choose 'Payment' as the 'Type'

  3. Enter the bond amount and click Add

Returning a Bond:

  1. Click on the Bond payment under 'Method'

  2. Click Refund

  3. Add reason: e.g. Bond returned

  4. Click Process Refund

Adding Bond as an Extra

You can create a new extra called 'Bond' which you can add to your bookings to ensure your total amount.

When a bond is received, you will add the extra onto the booking and when the bond is returned, you will add the extra back on but with a negative amount to cancel out the bond.

This will ensure full accomodation charge is taken when the guest is paying for the rest of the booking.

Reconciling the Bond in Xero

The easiest way to reconcile Bonds in Xero is to create a separate bank account in Xero for bonds, and map the Bond payment method to the Bond bank account in Xero.

Create the bank account in Xero:

  1. In Xero go to Accounting > Bank accounts

  2. Click Add Bank Account

  3. Type in Bonds in the search bar and click 'Add it anyway'

  4. Enter bank account details, Account Type: other, Account number: anything

  5. Click Save

Map the bank account in Preno:

  1. In Preno go to Settings > Integrations > Connect with Xero > Settings

  2. Under Banking click 'Add custom mapping'

  3. Map your Bonds payment method to your Bonds bank account in Xero

  4. Click Add Mapping

Now whenever Bonds are received and refunded, that transaction will go to your Bonds bank account in Xero instead of your main bank account.

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