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Adding a deposit / prepayment
Adding a deposit / prepayment

How to add a deposit or prepayment to a booking from the grid or bookings page

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A deposit or prepayment, is any money taken in advance of the guest checking in.

If you're using the Xero integration, you'll need to make sure that you've mapped the Deposit account in Preno to Current Liability in Xero (this can be done in Settings > Integrations).

Adding a deposit from the Grid

  1. Find the booking on the Grid.

  2. Click the booking and click Add deposit.

  3. Pick the payment method you would like applied.

  4. Click Add or Process credit card.

Add a deposit in the booking

  1. Find and click into the booking.

  2. Scroll down to Payments.

  3. Click Add deposit/ create invoice.

  4. Choose your payment method.

  5. Enter the amount/percentage.

  6. Click Add or Process credit card.

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