Closing off a room

How to block/close off rooms so they cannot be booked

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Sometimes you'll need to remove a room from being available for booking - maybe there's some maintenance that needs to be done, or you want to close it for private use. Preno supports both single and multiple room closures. When you close off a room, we'll update your channel manager by decreasing availability for that room type. It won't artificially inflate your occupancy reports either.

โ€‹Scheduling a room closure
Start by clicking on the name of the room that you'd like to close. Preno will bring up a box with the room name and room type, as well as any existing closures. Select Schedule closure.

From here you can set the date range for the closure, and add any notes about that closure (like maintenance details).ย 

โ€‹Scheduling multiple room closures
Room closures are treated in a similar way to a group booking. You can Close another room, and you'll be able to see all rooms available for the date range you've selected. Just tick all of the rooms that you'd like to close, and press Add rooms. You can also have room closures with a different start and different finish date, while keeping it as part of the same room closure.

To remove room closures

  1. Click on the room closure to edit

  2. Then you can delete closure

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