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Moving your derived rates to Preno from Siteminder
Moving your derived rates to Preno from Siteminder

If you use derived rates, you can now manage all of your rates from within Preno!

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With the release of Preno's derived rates feature, you can now move any derived rates that you currently have set up in your channel manager into Preno. This means that, if you are currently managing your base or standard rate in Preno, you can now manage all your rates in one system!

To move your derived rates, please get in touch with our team via the chat bubble as you will need some assistance to ensure everything is working smoothly.

Please see the process below:

  1. Apply a stop sell to that rate in Siteminder

  2. Delete the derived rate that you are replacing in Siteminder.

  3. Create the new derived rate in Preno. This help article can show you how: Derived rates

  4. Create a new rate plan in Siteminder. From within Siteminder, you can then connect this to any online channels/OTAs where you are wanting to use this rate.

  5. The Preno team will provide a mapping code to connect the derived rate in Preno with the new rate plan you have just created in Siteminder.

  6. Preno will then send a rate update through to Siteminder to ensure the connection works.

Once this is done, all of your rates will be managed from the Rates page in Preno.

Please see our Derived Rates help article for more information about how to create a derived rate in Preno.

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