Checking in a guest

How to Check In a guest from the Grid or Bookings page

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Once a guest arrives, you will need to check them in. This can be easily done from the Grid or through the Bookings page.

While on the grid:

  1. Click on the booking you would like to check in.

  2. Click Check in.

You will then see a more detailed booking page where you will be presented with options to edit the booking, add extras, add payments, create invoice or cancel the booking.

Bookings page

  1. Click on the Bookings tab on the top left hand corner.

  2. Search for your booking.

  3. Click into the booking you would like to check in.

  4. Click Check in on the top right hand corner.

Group bookings
You can also follow these steps to check in a group booking.

  1. Click Check in.

  2. Select he rooms you would like to check in.

  3. Click Complete check in.

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