Once a guest arrives, you will need to check them in. This can be easily done from the Grid or through the Bookings page.

To check your guest in from the Grid, find and click the guest that needs to be checked in. A window will appear with the booking information, and on the bottom of that window will be some options.
There will be a green button that says Check in. Click that and your guest will be checked in. 

You will then see a more detailed booking page where you will be presented with options to edit the booking, add extras, add payments, create invoice or cancel the booking.

Bookings page

From the bookings page, and under the Arriving heading, find the guest you need to check in.

Select the booking, and it will show you the details of the guest's booking. 

In the top right corner of that page there is a green Check in button. Just click that to check your guest in.  

The button will automatically turn red and read Check out & pay (showing that your guest is successfully checked in).

Group bookings
You can also follow these steps to check in a group booking.
Once you have clicked on a group booking, a window will appear with all the rooms booked in the same group. Select all the guests you want to check in and then click Complete Check in. You can also check-in individual rooms on group bookings at different times as they arrive.

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