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Navigating the grid and view bookings by status, groups or payments

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Drag and drop bookings on the grid

You can drag and drop bookings on the grid if you want to quickly shuffle bookings around.

Note: You cannot move checked-out bookings as it is finalised, or past bookings. If you have a booking in the past and you need to modify the dates, you need to edit the booking in order to change it.

View options

There are 4 view options on the grid to help you easily identify bookings, Status, Groups, Payments and Guests.


When viewing the grid through the Status option, guest bookings will be highlighted by colour, and it’ll correspond to the status of the booking:

Light Grey: guest have checked out
Blue: Guests are checked in (in house)

Green: Guests are checking in today
Light blue: Confirmed booking in the future
Red outline: Unconfirmed bookings

Purple - The booking is incomplete, there is an issue with Xero that needs to be fixed.

Dark Grey: Connected room closure
Red: A double booking 

Orange: Bookings need to be shuffled


When viewing the grid through the group options, group bookings will be highlighted in the same colours.

All non-group bookings will be shown in grey.


Selecting the payments tab will display all the bookings by payment stage; Paid, Overdue, Invoiced, Partial Paid, or No payments.

The legend along the bottom will show which colour corresponds to which payment stage.


The Guests view option will show you which of your guests are guests who have stayed at your property before.

A star symbol will appear next to their name and their booking will be coloured.

Grid Themes

You have the option to change grid colours and choose between the Classic or Default theme

Simply go to: Settings > Profile > Scroll down to Grid Colours

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