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Charging the booking back
Charging the booking back

How to charge the booking back to the guest, agent or the company

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Preno allows you to raise an invoice in MYOB. You can use this invoice to charge the booking back to the guest or the agent.
For more information on how to invoice a company, please see this article in the Back Office section.

Creating the invoice

  1. Click Add payment / create invoice

2. Chose Invoice Agent or Invoice Guest

Please note that Preno calculates the amount automatically, you cannot edit. It will equal the total of the invoice

3. Click Add
4. Once the payment is created, you can click on it to view in MYOB

How to include extras on agent invoice

By default, Preno assigns extras to guest invoices. If you would like to include an extra on an agent invoice, you will need to select "Bill to agent" when adding an extra:

What data Preno sends to MYOB

Contact - if it does not exist yet, Preno will create the guest or the agent as a new contact. It will export the first name, the last name and the email address
Due date - the invoices due date will be set to the next 20th day of the month
Description - by default Preno uses the description of the charge and the room number. Please contact us if you would like to change it
Tax - all invoice items are tax inclusive
Commission - Preno adds commission to the invoice if the agent is set to "Direct commission"

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