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How to set up extra guest rates

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You can set up extra guest charges for a rate, and it will automatically add the charges when you create a booking in Preno. In this article, you find information on how to:

To set this up:

  1. Go to Rates, then click on the rate you would like to set extra guest charges for.

  2. Click on Advanced edit > Extra guest rate

  3. Specify the included occupancy. This is the number of guests that is included for the rate. Each extra guest incurs additional charge, per night.

  4. Specify the additional guest amount.

  5. Click on Submit to complete the setup.

Once this setup is completed, the next time you create a booking using this rate, then the extra guest charges will apply.


  • This extra guest rate only applies to bookings created in Preno, and doesn't update/override extra guest rates set up in the channel manager/OTAs.

  • Use a custom rate, and add extra guest charges manually if you need to apply a custom extra guest charge rate

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