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Understanding Preno's Booking Engine: A Complete Overview
Understanding Preno's Booking Engine: A Complete Overview

Explore this detailed guide to understand Preno’s Booking Engine, designed to streamline the booking process for your guests.

Written by Scott Martin
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Before diving into the details, we encourage you to watch our comprehensive video guide to Preno's Booking Engine.

Streamline Your Guest's Booking Experience

Preno's Booking Engine is designed to integrate seamlessly with your hotel's website, providing a straightforward and direct path for guests to book their stay. This guide will help you understand how to integrate and utilise the booking engine to its full potential, ensuring a smooth experience for your guests and efficient operations for your hotel.

Getting Started with the Booking Engine

Integration Options:

  • “Book Now” Button: Easily accessible and prominently displayed, this button directs your guests straight to the booking interface.

  • Booking Engine Widget: This feature includes an interactive calendar and previews of rates, offering real-time availability directly on your website.

Choose Your Interface:

  • New Booking Engine: Offers a modern, visually appealing design that enhances user experience by showcasing room options with images and flexible dates.

  • Original Booking Engine: A straightforward, mobile-optimized design that ensures functionality across all devices.

How to Set Up Your Booking Engine

  • Begin in Your Dashboard: Access the Booking Engine setup through the 'Settings' in your Preno dashboard.

  • Customisation: Tailor the booking engine to reflect the unique qualities of your hotel. You can add descriptions, upload images, and set up extra services to make your guest's stay memorable.

  • Finalise Your Setup: Submit your setup for review. Adjustments can be made anytime to update or improve your offerings.

Guide to the Guest Booking Process

The guest journey through the Preno Booking Engine is intuitive:

  1. Website Interaction: Guests find the booking options readily available, making their pathway to booking clear and direct.

  2. Selecting Dates and Rooms: Guests can easily view available dates and detailed descriptions of different room types, allowing them to choose according to their preferences.

  3. Personalisation: This step allows guests to enhance their stay by adding special requests or extras, directly contributing to a tailored experience.

  4. Finalising the Booking: The process culminates in a secure area where guests can confirm their details and finalize their booking with ease.

Optimising the Guest Experience

  • Encourage Longer Stays: Implement promotions or multi-night discounts directly through the booking engine to enhance the value offered to your guests.

  • Upsell Effectively: Use the booking process as an opportunity to offer upgrades or additional services, enriching the guest experience and increasing revenue.

  • Information Collection: Tailor the booking form to collect essential guest information, ensuring all necessary details are captured efficiently and respectfully.

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