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Setting up and updating your Booking Engine
Setting up and updating your Booking Engine

How to set up and update your Booking Engine with Preno

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The Booking Engine is created and updated by Preno's support team. To help them create the Booking Engine, you will need to enter information about your property into the Booking Engine Wizard.

Booking Engine Wizard

Getting started

You can access the Booking Engine Wizard from Preno by going to Settings > Booking Engine > Getting started and click Begin setup.

Updating your Booking Engine

Once your Booking Engine has been setup, you can request changes to be made to your Booking Engine by going to Settings > Booking Engine > Update content on your booking engine and click Request Change.

Booking Engine Elements

Landing page

This is the first page guests are taken to when they click on your Booking Engine. They will be given an option to choose their check-in and check-out dates.

If you would like an image to be the background image of the landing page, upload a Cover picture in the Booking Engine Wizard.


Once the guest has selected their stay dates, the property photos and description will appear at the bottom of the Booking Engine.

Clicking on Property Facilities will show the list of features available at the property. These features can be selected in the Booking Engine Wizard.

Room Types

Your property room types will appear after a check-in and check-out date is selected. If the room type does not appear, it means the room type is not available for the date range the guest has selected.

The Room type description will appear under the room type's name. If you click Show More, it will show you the other images added to that room type as well as the room facilities provided for that room type.

If you would like to connect multiple rates to your Booking Engine, please let our support team know, and we will be able to set that up for you.


Once the guest has selected the room they would like to book, they will be taken to the checkout screen where they will have the option to add extras onto their booking.

Booking Engine example:

Feel free to click around the Booking Engine and make reservations.

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