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Each tab of the Booking Engine Wizard explained

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Booking Engine Wizard

The Booking Engine Wizard is where you get enter information for your Booking Engine and request for changes to be made.

Our support team will take the information from your Booking Engine Wizard and create/update your Booking Engine.

You can access the Booking Engine Wizard while logged into Preno by going to Settings > Booking Engine and clicking either "Begin setup" or "Request Change".

Booking Engine Setup and Example:


The first tab on the Booking Engine Wizard is the property tab where you can enter information and photos about your property e.g. address, contact details, property description and images.


On the rooms tab you will need to click on each room type and enter the details of that room type e.g. description, bed configuration, facilities, etc.

If you don't want the room type to appear on the Booking Engine, tick "Exclude from the Booking Engine".


Under Rates you will need to select a rate plan from the Rates tab in Preno which you would like connected to your Room type.

You will need enter how many guests are included in the rate selected, and the charge for extra adults/children.


If you have extras you would like guests to purchase while checking out their accommodation, you can enter the details of your extras here.

Enter the name of the extra, a description and how much the extra costs.


Booking Terms

Enter your terms and conditions for your staying at your property e. g. Cancellation policies.

Payment Terms

Enter the terms of taking payments from your guest e.g. 50% deposit required at the time of the booking, remainder charged upon checkout.


Colour scheme

Here you can select the colour of your buttons on the Booking Engine.

Display Settings

  • Date only search - The Booking Engine will only have a check in and check out date on the landing page guests can use to search for a room.

  • Hide billing information - Hides the fields where guests enter their address.

  • Mandatory billing information - Requires guests to fill in their address when they confirm a booking.

  • Collect all adult guests names - Requires all the all the adults guests name when confirming a booking.

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