Importing bookings into Preno
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When transitioning from another PMS or pen & paper:

From your old PMS, you'll need to run an export of your current bookings as a .CSV file. Usually you can access this through a report, like a Reservations or Arrivals report. The most important data to retrieve is your future bookings - we can also import past bookings. 

Once you have the data export, get in touch with our team through the in-app chat and we'll do the import on our end.

If you're moving from pen & paper, please contact support and we'll send through a spreadsheet for you to enter your bookings into.

Fields for import:

The bare minimum of data we need is:

  • Check in date

  • Checkout date

  • Guest name

  • Nightly rate, or booking total

  • Room number or room type (we recommend room name)

This is enough information to create a reservation. We can import reservations to be much more detailed, too, with fields like:

  • Booking notes

  • Guest email

  • Guest address

  • Guest notes

  • Agent/booking source

  • Extra charges (as a dollar amount)

  • Existing payments

  • Number of guests in the booking

Checking the import was successful:

Once we've done the data import, you'll need to log into your Preno account & double check that all of your bookings were exported out of your old system successfully, and imported properly. 

Charges for importing data:

All data imports have a once-off charge of NZ$199 (+GST where applicable). This is to cover the time for a developer to ensure your data is compatible with Preno & run the import.

Data import template

You can download our Data import template below to enter your bookings information and our support team will import your bookings into Preno.

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